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How To Buy Amazon Gift Card with Paypal (Quick and Easy)

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PayPal is accepted as a form of payment by a large number of companies. 

You are unable to use it on the Amazon website in any capacity, including purchasing items or Amazon gift cards.

 You might have been curious about whether or not it is possible to use PayPal to make purchases of Amazon gift cards. 

Although Amazon does not permit the use of PayPal to directly purchase their gift cards through their online store, there are alternative methods to receive their gift cards using your PayPal account, even through Amazon.

 One of these ways is through a third party that sells the gift cards.

 This article will discuss the many options available for using PayPal to purchase Amazon gift cards.

Understanding Amazon Gift Cards

gift cards refill
gift cards refill

It is crucial to understand what Amazon gift cards are and how they function before we get into the process of buying Amazon gift cards using Paypal.

 Cards that have been pre-paid and may be used to make purchases on are known as Amazon gift cards. 

These gift cards are available for purchase in a range of monetary quantities and can be put toward the purchase of a wide range of products, from books to technological devices. 

These are perfect for giving to a friend or family member who enjoys shopping on Amazon, as well as buying for yourself if you do a lot of your shopping on the internet.

Why Does Amazon not Directly Accept PayPal?

Why Does Amazon not Directly Accept PayPal?

There are two key reasons why Amazon does not work with PayPal to process payments. 

To begin, PayPal was formerly a subsidiary of eBay, one of the businesses that are in direct competition with Amazon.

 Between the years 2002 and 2015, eBay and PayPal had a working partnership between their respective online marketplaces.

 At that time, PayPal developed into its brand, even though the company’s partnership with eBay remains one of its most fruitful endeavours.

Second, PayPal is a direct competitor to Amazon Pay, which is Amazon’s in-house payment service and has a very simple name. 

PayPal is a direct competitor to Amazon Pay. 

Much as with PayPal, you may use your Amazon account to pay for goods and services at any of the innumerable third-party businesses that accept Amazon Pay.

How To Buy Amazon Gift Card with Paypal

Pay with the PayPal Cash Card

The PayPal Cash Card is a debit card that may be used anywhere that accepts Mastercard payments, including online retailers such as Amazon. 

These monies are drawn from your PayPal account.

 To use a PayPal Cash Card, you must first have sufficient funds in your PayPal account; this is because the card functions more like a debit card.

Simply click on this link, enter your login information for your PayPal account, and then follow the on-screen instructions to apply for a PayPal Cash Card (Note: It is for US users only). 

Be aware that depositing money to your PayPal account may incur fees, even though the application procedure does not include a credit check of any kind.

You will be able to use your PayPal Cash Card as a payment option on Amazon in the same way you would use any other credit or debit card after you have been authorized for one.

PayPal Key

The process of obtaining a PayPal Key is much simpler than that of getting a PayPal Cash Card because there is no waiting involved for the physical card to come in the mail. 

You will be provided with a card number that is only valid for usage online. 

One disadvantage is that PayPal Key is not currently accessible to customers who only have a basic PayPal account.

You may determine if you are qualified by signing into your account and seeing whether or not the PayPal Key option is shown to you at that time. 

If this is the case, when you sign up for the service, you will be given the information about your virtual card, which will include the card number, the date it expires, and the security code

You may then use this data to make purchases on

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Use Paypal to Buy Amazon Gift Cards Online

If you are unable to obtain a PayPal Cash card, you may still use your PayPal balance to make purchases on Amazon by purchasing gift cards instead. 

Best Buy is just one of the many retailers where you may use your PayPal account to purchase Amazon gift cards.

Although shopping with Best Buy is risk-free, you should exercise caution and research any other online merchants who sell gift cards.

 If you want to be even more cautious, you might purchase a gift card for a little amount and use that as a trial run instead. 

It is simple to make a bad day worse for yourself by spending your whole amount on an invalid or counterfeit PayPal gift card.

 It will only take a few seconds to transfer the Amazon gift card that you purchased using the credit in your PayPal account to your existing Amazon account after you have already made the transaction.

To ease the stress of additional research, here are some other online retailers where you can buy Amazon gift cards using your Paypal funds:

  • eGifter: eGifter is an online store where you can use PayPal to purchase gift cards from a variety of merchants, including Amazon. 

You may select the gift card’s denomination, add a personalized note, and then email or text the gift card to the recipient.

  • Gyft: Like eGifter, this online gift card marketplace lets you purchase Amazon gift cards with PayPal. 

You may buy and save gift cards on your phone with the Gyft mobile app.

  • Gift Card Granny: This website offers inexpensive Amazon gift cards that may be paid for with PayPal.

 To offer the greatest price, they combine offers from many sources, including other gift card resellers.

  • Raise; Another online gift card marketplace, Raise lets you pay using PayPal to purchase Amazon gift cards at a discount. 

A variety of denominations are available, and they are quickly distributed through email.


It’s straightforward to obtain store credit for your Amazon purchases by purchasing an Amazon gift card with PayPal.

 You may quickly and simply buy an Amazon gift card using your PayPal account by following the steps provided in this guide.

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