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How to Check Jiffy Lube Gift Card Balance In 3 Easy Ways

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check your Jiffy Lube® Gift Card balance

Jiffy Lube, one of the most well-known companies in the automotive repair industry, provides a wide range of services to its customers. and makes it easy to check Jiffy Lube Gift Card Balance.

 Jiffy Lube uses gift cards as one of the ways it shows appreciation for customers who remain loyal to the company over time. 

Giving someone a gift card is an excellent way to demonstrate that you care about them and the vehicle that they drive. 

However, to avoid any unpleasant surprises when making use of your Jiffy Lube gift card, it is essential to keep track of the balance that is currently present on the card. 

We will walk you through each step of the process of checking the amount on your Jiffy Lube gift card here in this post.

What is Jiffy Lube?

Jiffy Lube is a popular franchise of car repair businesses well known for its quick oil changes.

A number of other services, including diagnostics and maintenance for the drivetrain, fuel system, tires, gearbox, inspection, and emissions testing, are also available. 

Both the American Council on Education and the American Society for Training and Development have recognized Jiffy Lube for the quality of its training program for staff. 

Participants in the program receive comprehensive training from Jiffy Lube. 

You may rest certain that your automobile will be in good hands because its curriculum incorporates computer-based on-the-job training and assessment.

Understanding Jiffy Lube Gift Cards

Jiffy Lube provides customers with the option of purchasing either a physical or an electronic gift card.

Jiffy Lube offers both physical gift cards, which may be purchased at any location, and digital gift cards, which can be used at any Jiffy Lube facility that accepts digital gift cards. 

Electronic gift cards may be purchased online, and after they’ve been activated, they can be used at any Jiffy Lube location that accepts them. 

Both varieties of gift cards allow for the addition of funds ranging from $10 up to $300.

Gift cards purchased from Jiffy Lube are non-refundable but do not expire and do not incur any additional costs. 

In addition, present cards may be reloaded with new cash whenever they are required to do so. 

Jiffy Lube will not issue a replacement for a gift card that has been misplaced or stolen. 

As a result, it is essential to store your gift card someplace secure and to monitor its remaining balance at all times.

Benefits of Jiffy Lube Gift Card

  • There are three easy shipping choices: DIY printing/emailing/posting on Facebook
  • Add an eGreeting for a personal touch.
  • Pick a template that suits your needs, or add a photo of your own.
  • Minutes after placing a purchase, you may either immediately send an email to the recipient with a gorgeous, full-colour, personalized eGift Card attached, or schedule a future delivery.
  • Has no time limit and no associated costs
  • Adjustable from $10 to $300, it’s flexible enough to meet your needs.
  • Applicable toward purchases of products or services at any Jiffy Lube facility that accepts gift cards.

Why Check Your Jiffy Lube Gift Card Balance?

There are a few reasons why you must keep tabs on your Jiffy Lube gift card balance. To begin with, you may check your balance and spend only what’s left on your card. 

Second, it prevents awkward circumstances at the store, such as when your gift card is refused because it doesn’t have enough money on it.

 Finally, if your Jiffy Lube gift card ever goes missing, you can immediately notify the company and have a replacement issued (if applicable).

Ways to Check Your Jiffy Lube Gift Card Balance

There are three main ways to check your Jiffy Lube gift card balance: online, in-store, and over the phone.

Check Your Jiffy Lube Gift Card Balance Via Online

To check your Jiffy Lube gift card balance online, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Jiffy Lube website.
  • Click on the “Gift Cards” link at the bottom of the page.
  • Scroll down to the “Check Balance” section.
  • Enter your gift card number.
  • Click on the “Check Balance” button.
  • Your gift card balance will be displayed on the screen.

Check Your Jiffy Lube Gift Card Balance Via In-store

To check the balance on your Jiffy Lube gift card in person, follow these steps:

  • Visit any participating Jiffy Lube location.
  • Present your gift card to the cashier.
  • Ask the cashier to check the balance on your gift card

Check Your Jiffy Lube Gift Card Balance via Over the phone

To check the balance on your Jiffy Lube gift card by phone, follow these steps:

  • Call Jiffy Lube customer service at 1-800-544-7537.
  • Select the option for “Gift Card Balance”.
  • Enter your gift card number.
  • Listen for your balance.

How to Use Your Jiffy Lube Gift Card

Simply present your Jiffy Lube gift card at checkout to redeem its value.

You will have the balance of your gift card reduced by the amount of your transaction. 

You can use alternative payment methods to cover any amount not covered by your gift card balance.

Jiffy Lube Gift Card FAQs

Can I use the Jiffy Lube Gift Card for non-Jiffy Lube purchases?

The Jiffy Lube Gift Card is only usable for purchases in U.S. Jiffy Lube locations that accept the card. 

Visit the gift cards page to see which merchants accept them.

How can I buy bulk gift cards?

Visit the gift cards website to buy gift cards in bulk.

Will a Jiffy Lube Gift Card that has been lost, stolen, or destroyed be replaced?

The value of a lost, stolen, or destroyed Jiffy Lube Gift Card will not be replaced unless certain conditions are met.

Can I redeem my Jiffy Lube gift card for cash?

The Jiffy Lube Gift Card has no financial value and cannot be redeemed for cash, except in jurisdictions where such redemption is legally required.


Jiffy Lube gift card balance checking is simple, crucial for managing your gift card, and helps you make wise decisions. 

If your balance is low, you may reload your gift card or use another form of payment.

 You can check your gift card balance online, in-store, or over the phone. 

Read the terms and limitations of your gift card, only use it at Jiffy Lube shops, and stay away from gift card scammers.

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